Organic Products

We’re family farmers, and we’ve been solely growing and promoting certified organic manufacture since 2003. Supported on our pledge of situation to properly look after the farmland, we have a tendency to believe returning what the soil extravagantly provides. This needs unconditional and uncompromising commitment to safe food and a high quality expectation that’s second-to-none. And it suggests that we have a tendency to solely supply to you what we have a tendency to trust to our own families.

It takes a knockout team to provide the simplest organic produce on the world. From growers, packing house personnel and choosing crews to shipping, sales and accounting, everybody plays a essential role. We’re all operating in bicycle with nature, the soil and therefore the atmosphere to supply natural selections for healthy food round the world. We respect it’s a worthy—and tasty—cause. is a component of a family of firms in operation in eleven areas of the agricultural business. Together, we have a tendency to represent over ninty completely different growers with a complete of over 600 acres in organic farming. From product innovation to contemporary manufacture sales to farm management operations, we’ve one mission to deliver absolutely the best to your dinning table.

Thank you Folks,
Farmer Duke Gallows